Tournament Framework

SCL has developed a Baseline Tournament Framework to establish minimum level of consistency upon which our Partner Academies can develop and design their individual events

  • Sabering blades must be polycarbonate (pc) tubes with a 1″ outer diameter and 1/8″ wall thickness using round or parabolic tips. bullet tips are not allowed
  • Sabering hilts should not exceed 16″ in length and overall weapon (hilt and seated blade together) should not exceed 52″ in length
  • Sabering hilts may include quillons, tsuba, basket guard, or knuckle bow, following reasonable and accepted designs as reviewed and allowed by the hosting Partner Academy. Spikes, claws, or protrusions that may injure you or your opponent are not allowed
  • Protective gear must include a fencing mask with back of head protector, rigid throat protection, torso protection with rigid chest protector (padded jacket or equivalent), padded gloves (hema, lacrosse, hockey, or equivalent), shin, knee, elbow, forearm, and groin protection (regardless of gender) – final gear approval is required by the Hosting Partner Academy
  • During an engagement between two fighters in an SCL affiliated tournament event, it is expected that fighter actions will be of clear intent, under control, and delivered with quality in order to be awarded – any grazes, glancing blows, flicky, or excessively light strikes are discouraged and may not be awarded, as determined by the hosting Partner Academy
  • At the discretion of the hosting Partner Academy hand checks may be allowed to be employed during an exchange
  • Blade grabbing, wrestling, takedowns, kicks, punches, or body checks or strikes of any kind are explicitly disallowed at any SCL affiliated event
  • Scoring areas, scoring method, and bout logistics (ring size, match time, etc) are at the determination and governance of the hosting Partner Academy
  • Saber configurations, rules of engagement, and gear requirements may have further restrictions applied by the hosting Partner Academy
  • Contact SCL via with any questions, ideas, concerns, or assistance in planning an event