Release of Liability & Training Agreement

I wish to participate in the training/event opportunity presented by the Saber Combat League and all their staff, agents, representatives, owners, operators, or persons in charge of any such establishments or organizations, or their agents, servants or employees shall herein be referred to as Sponsors.

I hereby represent that I am physically and emotionally fit to engage in martial arts instructional training. I also acknowledge that the Sponsors are under no obligation to require me to prove my degree of health or fitness.

I hereby acknowledge that I understand that this seminar/training will include vigorous physical movement on my part, on the part of my training partners, and with each other, with and without training equipment; it will involve bodily contact with training partners, others, and/or training equipment; and will expose me to the risk of bodily injury. I give full consent to such contact and activity. I further acknowledge that by entering into the seminar/training, I will be exposed to the risk of personal injury arising out of possible negligence, unavoidable accident, or otherwise, due to the very nature of the self-defense arts being taught. I knowingly and willingly assume all risk of injury or other damage involved in or associated with such training and activities, and hereby waive any and all claims whatsoever that I or anyone else on my behalf may or could make with respect to such injury or damages.

I hereby acknowledge that I fully realize that during this seminar/training I will always and at all times have the option of withdrawing from participation in any exercises or technique, and that it is my personal responsibility to decide which exercise or techniques I will participate in.

If my conduct, actions, or statements while participating in or attending the seminar/training are determined to be inappropriate to the safety or well-being of other participants, or the instructors at the seminar/training, I understand and agree that I will immediately be asked to leave the seminar/training and all claim by myself or anyone acting on my behalf for monies paid for participation in the seminar/training are forfeit. I understand and agree that the Sponsors will not be held liable for any injuries, damages, etc. caused by or resulting from negligence of the Sponsors and I covenant not to sue and waive and release the Sponsors from any responsibility for personal injury to me.

I agree for myself and my successors, that the above representations and contractually binding and are not mere recitals, and that should I or my successors assert my claim in contravention of this agreement, I or other party or parties in defending unless the other party or parties are finally adjudged liable on such claim or willful and wanton negligence. This agreement may not be modified orally. A waiver of any provision of this agreement shall not be construed as a modification of any other provision, or as consent to any other subsequent waiver or modification.

Any disputes arising under this agreement or courses of action arising from the participation in training at the Columbus Saber Academy, LLC shall be governed by the laws of the state of Ohio, which courts shall have sole jurisdiction over any such disputes or courses of action.